The Skinny Fat Fix – Go From SKINNY FAT to RIPPED Fit Lean & Muscular | Transformation to bulk & cut


In this video the Skinny Fat Solution is explained. Learn exactly how to go from skinny fat to ripped, fit, lean, & muscular. Are you skinny fat? Fix it with this skinny fat diet and workout step by step transformation blueprint. How to lose skinny fat revealed…

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Being skinny fat is a lot more of a struggle than most people think. Shopping for clothes, going to the beach, and planning what to eat can become a straight up nightmare. Are you supposed to cut are you supposed to bulk what the hell do you do if your trapped in a skinny fat body. Well in today’s video I’m going to give you a full skinny fat solution with a step by step transformation blueprint to get you from skinny fat to lean and muscular. First let’s identify if you’re actually a skinny fat person. The phrase skinny fat is used to refer to someone who has a weight and a BMI at a normal level for their height but their body has much more fat and not enough muscle mass to justify that weight. BMI is also known as body mass index which is just a measure of your height to weight ratio and it doesn’t take into account muscle and fat percentages. So your bmi or body mass may come up as healthy at the doctors office while your body composition is absolutely terrible. The same thing can be true vice-versa for example my BMI comes up in the overweight range because i carry a lot of muscle but my body composition indicates that my body fat is in the athletic zone. So some easy identifying features of being skinny fat are a muffin top, a very weak upper body, limbs that are skinny but your stomach is still fat, you’re thin in clothes but problem areas are apparent when the shirt comes off. No muscle on the arms, and you have a lot of fat accumulation on the love handles lower stomach and lower chest. Unfortunately Most skinny fat people are only making the problem worse. We can see this just by looking at how people become skinny fat in the first place. Essentially this problem is the result of losing muscle mass over time which leads to a lower metabolic rate …..while simultaneously gaining fat due to maintaining the same caloric intake that we used to have when we had more muscle on and a faster metabolism. On average adult Americans sit 11 hours a day and only six and a half percent of Americans meet the minimum physical guideline requirements for their work. In a nutshell most Americans are sitting, working behind a computer, losing muscle mass and metabolism while still eating the same way they always did. Now once the average person notices that they’re becoming skinny fat their “solution” only exacerbates the problem. Most people immediately jump to a diet plan and Cardio to burn off any kind of excess fat that they see accumulating. However for once just dieting is not going to help you solve this problem. And cardio can even make it worse. Long duration running like jogging on a treadmill is most people’s go to form of cardio when they put on a little bit of belly fat. Really the more intense high intensity interval training version of cardio would be far more beneficial. Because the regular long duration cardio is only going to burn minimal calories while potentially decreasing muscle mass and strength and thats the last thing you want to do because that’s how you got into this problem in the first place. Would moving more towards a marathon runners body solve your problem of a low metabolic rate due to low muscle mass or would it make it worse? I’m telling you guys it’s going to make it worse so stop doing cardio that’s not how youre going to burn off your belly fat. Now dieting is known as a universal solution to Fat Loss in general. And even though the dieting solution is almost always applicable to fat reduction and it will help you burn some belly fat your diet is not the root cause of the problem. The root cause of the problem is that your body composition favors body fat and doesn’t favor muscle mass enough. This could be due to periods of severe calorie restriction or excessive amounts of cardio or just minimum weight lifting with an emphasis more on high rep training. This leads to a bad body composition that we have to turn around. So the best way to turn that around is by starting to do weight training and more specifically heavy weight training. Granted any form of weight training will help you build muscle in the beginning so you can even do bodyweight calaesthetics and that’ll help you a lot. But if you do have access to a gym with weights then I highly recommend that you start doing a Progressive weight training program in which you’re trying to up your weight over time. And for women don’t worry you’re not going to get all bulky… on average women will only gain about half a pound.



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