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Ever wonder why you can’t lose weight? If you stopped losing weight and you think, “why can’t I lose my belly fat?” Watch this video.

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Hey guys welcome to part 3 of how to lose weight fast if you haven’t seen parts 1 and 2 yet the links are in the description. Today I want to go over exactly what you’re going to do when you plateau and stop losing weight. No matter what you can be confident that your weight loss will come to a halt. It’s not about if you’ll stop losing weight it’s a matter of when. So since this is so expected and common it doesn’t mean that you’re doing something wrong when you stop losing weight. It just means that adjustments may have to be made due to the fact that throughout the fat loss process things in your body are constantly changing. Before I give you the steps that you’re going to take to break through a weight loss plateau let’s first make sure that what you’re experiencing is actually a plateau. First let me bring back a point that I made in the first video weight and fat aren’t the same thing. If your weight isn’t going down but your clothes fit better and you’ve been tracking your waist and hip measurements and they’re going down too you may have put on some muscle or you might be holding a little more water. It’s extremely important that you measure your progress to be successful and it’s also important to use multiple methods of measurement. So if you see that your waist is getting smaller but the number on the scale isn’t falling, that wouldn’t be considered a weight loss plateau.

Another thing that wouldn’t be considered a weight loss plateau is if you weigh yourself every week and one week you don’t lose weight. Many people are delusional when it comes to their beliefs about what kind of results are possible within a certain period of time. I mean i can’t blame them because there’s so much hype and quick fixes out there that most people really do believe that there’s something wrong with them if they can’t lose 5 pounds in a week. It’s important that you understand that progress in Fitness in regard to both losing weight and building muscle is not linear. It’s going to go up and down due to a ton of reasons many of which are completely out of your control. The problem is most people don’t understand this very important fact. So what you get from most of these people that don’t lose weight or maybe even worse, gain some weight for one weigh in. You get one out of two responses . Response 1 is to Crank it up. Crank the cardio way up dramatically reduce calories and stress over your weight 24/7. Response 2 is to say screw it, you tried, and the diet didn’t work and now to feel better about yourself you get to binge eat which leads right back to a vicious cycle. Both response 1 and response 2 are incorrect responses. If you don’t lose weight or even gain weight between one of your weekly weigh- ins the correct response is to continue doing exactly what you’ve been doing without stressing over it one bit for at least another week. Sometimes I would recommend waiting even longer before changing anything if you don’t have a deadline or an event that you have coming up. And the reason for that is simply because sometimes your weight loss will stall and pick right back up again, I’ve seen it so many times before. And again the reason why people are unaccepting of this is because they have false Notions of what’s possible in a given time frame. When you weigh yourself if you lose even a pound in a week then that’s really really good. If you don’t lose a pound but your waist goes down half an inch then that’s really really good .

Okay so let’s say that you’ve waited it out you got on the scale for a second week or may be even a 3rd week and you measured yourself and still no progress. Why is this happening? Well there are number different reasons but usually the two biggest ones are that you’re not tracking the amount of calories you’re taking in correctly or you’ve already lost some weight and because you are a smaller person now, even if only by 5 pounds you now burn less calories at rest. This is why it’s important to always be recalculating your BMR or your Basal metabolic rate as you lose weight.
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