5 Easy Steps to GAIN WEIGHT and MUSCLE FAST for SKINNY GUYS and Hard Gainers | Gain Muscle Mass Bulk


Here are easy steps to gain weight and muscle fast. These are especially good tips for skinny guys and hard gainers.

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I’d like to go over a topic that I have a lot of experience with, but rarely talk about. How do you go from being a skinny hard gainer to gaining a lot of weight in the form of muscle mass? Even though I’m usually talking about how to lose weight, I know quite a bit about how to go from being skinny to muscular and ripped. For the sake of simplicity I’ve condensed my methods for gaining muscle to 5 easy to understand tips. So let’s jump right in

Some of my best results came from decreasing my weekly visits to the gym while simultaneously increasing the amount of calories I was taking in. When trying to gain weight especially if you’re a hard gainer you don’t need more than 5 days at the gym, and even this can be too much. Depending on how fast your metabolism is 3 days may be all that you need to bulk up. During your workouts don’t do things that burn a ton of calories. I see people trying to gain muscle, and their doing exercises like burpees and jogging on the treadmill. This is only going to decrease your chances for growth.

The second tip is the other way you can create a caloric surplus and that’s by taking in more calories by eating more food. If you’re really serious about building muscle, you’re not just going to try to get your calories up by eating junk food. I hope that its pretty obvious to you that ice cream and donuts are not going to help you build muscle the same way as good sources of protien, fats, and whole carbohydrates. Whenever I would try to gain weight I was always eating a lot of carbs. The reason for this is that carbs are your bodys preferred energy source, so when it has an abundance of carbs its very unlikely that your body will go into a catabolic mode and start breaking down muscle. I’ve never been very carb sensitive so I could eat at least double by body weight in carbohydrates when bulking. You can have less than this if you are carb sensitive, but the point is don’t be afraid to up your calories when trying to build muscle. Afterall that muscle has to be made from some kind of energy source. If your serious about building muscle you’ll calculate the exact amount of calories you need to have to bulk up. I’ve made a video on how to do this that i’ll include in the description.

The third tip is to have a slow digesting protein source right before bed. This is important because while you sleep your body recovers the most, and it’s also probably the longest period of time that you’re going to go without eating. You want to give it the aminos it needs to help rebuild your muscles bigger and stronger. A couple examples of slow digesting sources of protein are cottage cheese, milk, casein protein powder, steak, salmon, chicken, turkey, and nut butters. If you wan to take this to the next level, like I did, you can wake up in the middle of the night and have a protein shake ready to go to get some extra calories and keep you in an anabolic state.

Tip #4 is to make sure you stick to compound exercises with free weights. By free weights I mean use barbells and dumbbells. The best exercises to build muscle mass are bench presses, squats, dead lifts, bent over rows, lunges, military presses, pull ups, lat pull downs, and other compound exercises. Obviously for your arms you will have to isolate with exercises like lateral raises, bicep curls, and skull crushers, but your compound lifts are going to be the main exercises that help you build mass. Something that I did that I saw great results with was starting off with a compound exercise like bench press and then immediately super setting it with an isolation exercise like dumbbell flies. I would shoot for 6-8 reps of heavy weight with my compound exercise and then do 20 reps of a lighter weight for my isolation exercise.

The last tip is unless you’re on steroids, if you want to build muscle mass you’re going to have to lift some heavy ass weight.

You need a bulking diet for how to bulk. A diet to bulk up and eating plan to bulk up is the best way to go.



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