PEAR Shape to V Shape (Step By Step Guide)


Learn how to get a v shaped body. This video will teach you how to get the v lines, and how to lose belly fat and widen out your upper body. In this video I talk about how to get a wider back, and shoulders. Also how to get a v taper. I talk about the v shape workout and diet required.

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Transforming from a pear shape to a V shape. Is it possible and more importantly can you do it. The answer is yes even if you don’t have great genetics you can follow this two step guide and transform your body. If you have some belly fat and some love handles and you feel like your body looks more like a pear rather than a v youll find this video very useful. Im giving you guys everything you need to know so theres gonna be a lot of information so you may wanna take some notes. What’s the difference between a pair and a v let’s start there. The pear shape will typically have excess fat around the midsection and not much muscle mass around the upper body especially around the lats and the shoulders. The v shape is the reverse of that, there’s a lot more mass in the upper body around the shoulders and lats and a lot less Mass around the midsection creating an upside down triangle or a V shape. So step one from going from a pear shape to a V shape is not to burn the belly fat it’s also not to burn the love handles it’s actually not focusing on burning fat at all. The first step is to focus on building muscle in the lats the lateral head and back head of your shoulders and then our secondary focus should be to build up the chest and the upper back. Why are we focusing on building muscle first, well because most people that have a pear shape usually lack muscle mass in their upper body and by building up that muscle first that muscle is going to help you burn the fat later on much faster. Now you can’t convert fat to muscle that’s an old myth so it’s not like you’re gonna be taking your belly fat and turning it into muscle for your shoulders and your lats. But fat can be broken down and used for fuel rather than breaking down your muscles and using them for fuel. This is one of the reasons why it’s well-known that people that are heavier have an easier time putting on muscle then skinny guys. To create and maintain muscle you need a lot of energy and if you’re carrying a lot of fat around your midsection that fat is a pouch of your body’s energy reserves. So when you’re trying to build these muscles as far as diet goes I wouldn’t even worry too much about eating in a calorie Surplus just eat real healthy foods, natural sources of carbs proteins and fats to your fill. Avoid junk food and processed foods but dont limit macros. Also Don’t overeat by forcing yourself to finish whatever is in your plate instead always allow yourself to finish it later when you’re hungry again. At the same time don’t worry about limiting your calories even if you gain some more fat while building the width you’ll get rid of all that at a later step. One of the most important muscles for you to work to widen out is going to be your lats. You won’t see someone that’s really wide without some really good development in the lats. To build up the lats the best exercises are wide grip Pull-Ups, wide grip lat pull-downs both neutral grip and regular, deadlifts, and dumbbell and barbell pullovers. Let’s go over each one of these one by one. With pull ups if you can’t do a regular pull up not only are there assisted pull-up machines in most gyms but you can also get resistance bands that you can wrap around the Pullup bar to help you up. If you do decide to do an assisted pull-up whether it’s with a resistance band or with a weight stack just make sure that you make those pull-ups as challenging as possible. Aim to clear your chin over the bar for your first couple reps and then you should barely be able to pull your nose over the bar by the 10th rep. If you’re flying up and down all 10 reps you have to reduce the amount of assistance that you’re getting……either drop the weight or go to a lighter resistance band. Overtime you want to drop the assistance weight to nothing so you can do pull-ups with your body weight. When your performing the pull up make sure you’re pulling with your elbows not your hands and try to flare your elbows out. Once you start doing 10 reps with your bodyweight then you want to start adding on weight on a dip belt. The point is, sleep regress with the weight load that you’re using even with pull ups. heavier weight will help widen you out. The same idea applies to wide grip lat pull-downs. I don’t care if you start off pulling down only 10 pounds the point is to increase the weight that you’re using as often as you can while maintaining good form and staying within a six to ten rep range.



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