3 Exercises to Get Ripped V-cut Obliques Fast


Learn about these exercises that you may want to do to get ripped and shredded v-cut obliques within a quick timeline. After this fight ideally I’d like to spend hours learning how everything works .

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Obliques are a huge portion of what completes a solid looking six pack. If you want v-cut abs you have to make sure you work on developing those oblique muscles. Unfortunately the obliques are often overlooked & most people don’t work them the right way to get that v cut. So in today’s video we’re gonna go over the top 3 exercises to get ripped obliques fast & at the end of the video I’ll also include a sample oblique workout. These are the same exercises that helped me develop some great lower ab definition, & I’m sure they’ll do the same for you. One key thing to keep in mind with these three exercises is that its easy to do them wrong. Whenever you’re doing ab & oblique exercises you want to make sure your core is tight & that the majority of the movement is taking place around your trunk area. All the time i see people messing this up. They’ll think they worked their abs or their obliques, when in reality they spent thirty minutes working their hip flexors & their neck. You’re gonna experience the best results for all your ab exercises when you concentrate on your trunk area & the bending around that area. Okay so the first exercise that I want you guys to do is one of my favorite exercises by far. The oblique crunch on the hyper extension machine. Most gyms will have either a hyperextension machine or a ghr otherwise known as a glute ham raise. You want to get into that machine on your side with one foot in front of the other but both feet still under the pads. Then grab a weight & put it in the hand that’s closer to the floor. Your opposite hand is gonna go behind your head like you’re doing a crunch. Then you want to lower down sideways as far as you can to get a really good stretch in your obliques. I can’t stress the importance of getting that good stretch enough…. in fact the negative portion of this movement & that stretch is more important then the portion where you’re coming back up so make sure you really try to stretch out those obliques on the way down. Then come back up & crunch in with your elbow pulling tight towards your hip. When doing this exercise I recommend that you use a weight that’s challenging for you for roughly 10 to twenty reps. Now I’m well aware about the belief that doing oblique exercises specially weighted ones can widen your waistline. This is for the most part an old myth. Sure you can build up your oblique muscles just like any other muscle in your body & when you build up a muscle it will obviously get bigger but obliques are naturally thin muscles to begin with. they can’t grow in size the way that some of your other muscles like your shoulders your biceps or your glutes can. And most people that complain about getting a wider waist still have body fat to lose. So I would argue that people that feel like their waist gets wider from oblique exercises should focus in on their diet not their workouts. If you’re still afraid that you’re going to get some enormous waistline & you want to subscribe to Old myths you can just go with the higher rep count & lighter weight if that makes you feel better. But honestly you’re not going to get a blocky waist that blocky bodybuilder waist is usually caused by abusing drugs not from doing oblique exercises. This is actually why top bodybuilders will try to limit their oblique work again it’s because the drugs they’re taking. so this doesn’t apply to the majority of the population. I also recommend that you only train your obliques once or twice a week at the most. One last point on this topic is that a lot of the perception of what’s wide & what’s not has a lot to do with the proportions. Don’t just work your abs & obliques make sure you’re working your other muscles as well. If you have really small lats & you never work them your waist can easily look wider. Just keep that in mind. The next exercise thats super effective for hitting the obliques is the side V sit up also sometimes referred to as the side jackknife. ultimately you want to do this exercise the most advanced way which would be lifting both feet up off the ground however there is a regression for beginners that I’ll talk about in a second. To do this exercise lay down on the ground on your side with one arm out in front of you for support & to provide balance. You want to do your best & not use this arm to help you up throughout the entire movement. When getting ready to perform this exercise make sure that you’re hips are slightly tilted back so you should be more on the side of your butt rather than directly on your hip bone. with your other arm you want to grab behind your head.



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