Pro Baller Fitness Training


This video shows different styles of training that consist of sports specific training, youth sports specific training, group training, personal training and speed+agility training.

Pro Baller Fitness training emphasizes on improving speed, agility, endurance, power and the special skills specific to the respective sport. This type of training is catered to youth, high school, college and professional athletes.

We specialize in:
• Speed training
• Fast Twitch
• Sled workouts
• Conditioning
• Mental focus
• Strength training
• Endurance training
• Agility training
• Pro combine training
• Nutrition
• Balance
• Weight Lose
• Muscle Gain
• Form Running
• Conditioning
• Agility Training
• VertiMax Training
• Resistance Running
• Shuttle MVP Training
• Kaiser Air 300 Runner

Please Contact JB Barnes for training inquires.
Motivational Voice over: John JB Barnes
Music Sound: Stranded On The Planet Studios, IV Surf+Sand by Swanson Studios
Revised: AWOLNATION title Sail



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