Workout Music: House Music Soundtrack for Fitness Videos, Body Building, Gym Training


A compilation of electronic and dance music ideal for fitness videos, gym at home, and as soundtrack for self produced videos where high paced rhythms are needed.

🔎 Where can I find this music?

The songs in this video come from the following albums:

🎥 Can I use this music in my Youtube videos?

You can use this music in your Youtube videos only, but you cannot monetize them. Ads may appear, along with the notice of rights claimed by a company named ‘The State 51 Conspiracy’

📺 Can I use this music in my other projects?

If you want to use this music outside Youtube (i.e. for syncing movies, films, soundtracks, tv shows, series, webseries, documentaries, reality shows, or any other kind of video production distributed outside the Youtube platform) please get in touch with us to receive an advantageous offer tailored to your needs. We will gladly help and discuss with any creatives, directors, music supervisors, audio managers and professionals of the entertainment industry. Contact us through this form:

📭 How can I contact you?

Open this link:
and fill the contact form. We receive a lot of requests every day, but we do our best to reply to all

💿 A new generation of music

Equilibrium Music Group is a new media entertainment company specialized in digital music and entertainment. Its main body is formed by a number of labels specialized in various musical genres. From new age, to lounge music, to classical, dance, jazz, soundtracks and more. The long and fruitful collaboration with our partner group, Tobacco Music Edition, has led to the publication of a catalog consisting of more than 5000 original music albums. We currently manage a catalog of over 250,000 records.

Here at Equilibrium Music Group we conceive, create, compose and promote the best music in a variety of genres, tailored to satisfy the users’ needs. We produce albums, compilations and original playlist daily appreciated by the worldwide digital audience. Our business is completed by discovering new talents, following the development of the artists careers and promoting our products using the most modern tools provided by the internet and new media.

© Copyright Notices:

All rights reserved
Tobacco Music Edition
Equilibrium Music Group
Composer: Giordano Trivellato
Composer: Giuliano Sacchetto



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