5 Fasted Cardio Mistakes – KILLING GAINS


These 5 Fasted Cardio Mistakes are KILLING your muscle gains. Learn how to lose fat without losing muscle. You can burn more fat if you know how to do hiit workout at the gym properly. However you’ll want to avoid these mistakes that will lead to muscle loss.
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You’re looking for a way to burn fat faster and you stumble upon this idea of training in a fasted state. So now you’re excited because you think you can just burn a bunch of extra fat from your workouts by incorporating more cardio sessions on an empty stomach with no side effects. And even though the research on this topic is mixed with some studies showing that you can in fact burn fat faster by exercising on an empty stomach and other studies showing that you can’t, I fully agree that there are ways that you can use fasted training and fasting in general to help burn fat faster. But what effect does fasted cardio have on your muscle mass? I mean even if your main goal is to burn body fat, most of you are looking to not only decrease your body fat percentage, but your also looking to improve your overall body composition. To do that, not only do you need to lower your body fat percentage, but you also need to increase your lean body mass over time. And even though chances are very high that you won’t be losing muscle mass just by throwing in a few fasted cardio sessions into your routine the right way, there are 5 major mistakes that will make it much harder for you to gain, and even preserve muscle mass. In fact some of the mistakes that I’m about to go over can definitely lead to the catabolism or the breakdown of muscle mass ultimately slowing your progress. So I want to go over these 5 fasted cardio training mistakes that you should avoid so you can reach your ideal body composition with less road bumps along the way. Let’s start with one of the worst mistakes you can make that will lead to muscle loss and that’s doing fasted cardio in combination with severely restricting calories. Now as extreme and rare as this might sound I want to make it clear that this is actually a very common problem that most regular everyday people trying to burn fat run into. So many people notice that they gained some weight and all they can think about is getting it off as fast as possible. Rather than being practical they try to do everything at once. They try fasting, when they’re not fasting they still try to continue keeping calories really low, and then on top of all that they add in fasted cardio workouts to try to speed up fat loss even more. This happens more often than not because most people don’t treat being fit as a lifestyle and instead urgently race to get fit at the last second when… shit hits the fan. In this process of cutting calories in an unintelligent way, basically crash dieting they wind up getting significantly less protein in per day. Essential Amino Acids are called essential for a reason, if you don’t get enough essential amino acids from your diet your body will cannibalize your muscles to get them. And fasted cardio will accelerate this process. According to research published in the Strength and Conditioning Journal in 2012 Protein losses can exceed 10 percent of the total calories burnt over the course of a one-hour fasted cardio…


Meta Analysis Showing Fasted Training Can Help with Fat Oxidation

Protein losses can exceed 10 percent of the total calories burned over the course of a one-hour fasted cardio session. Double the protein burnt when compared to fed training.

Research showing that when you cut you should try to have more protein;

Anabolic Window Debunked:

Role of Amino Acids During Recovery After Fasted vs Fed Training

Taking Protein Before a Fasted Workout Lead to Higher Protein Synthesis

Longer Cardio Sessions Lead to Less Strength & Muscle Gains

Too much training in a glycogen depleted state can increase muscle loss

Elevated Coritsol In Endurance Athletes

Decreased Testosterone in Extreme Endurance Athletes

Muscle Breakdown Rates Increase after fasted training:

Weight Training Builds More Muscle Than Cardio and Provides Many Other Benefits



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