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Rashad Holloway is a former professional fighter turned trainer and he talks about the difference between training for fitness and training a professional athlete.

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Tony Jeffries from Sunderland in North East England. From the age of 10, Tony boxed at the highest level amateur and professional for 17 years, representing his country of England, around the world in 55 of my 106 fights. He is very honored and proud to have been team captain for England on many occasions and even for Great Britain a couple of times.

The highlight of Tony’s career came in 2008 when he joined the very exclusive “Olympian” club. After beating the Belarusian, Dutch, Hungarian champions and the USA team captain Christopher Downs in his backyard in the World Championships, Tony qualified for the Beijing Olympic Games. I came home with a bronze medal after years of training solid. It was the happiest time of my life!

Tony turned pro after the Games having ten pro fights with nine wins, 5 KO’s one draw and 0 loses

For the last three professional fights—from the end of 2010 and all of 2011—He trained in Los Angeles with world-renowned boxing trainer Tommy Brookes—for me, the best in the world!

At the end of 2011, Tony had surgery on both of his hands because of a hole and a tear in my knuckles. He tried all sorts of treatment to fix them, but the hands never fully recovered, and he had to retire from competing.

He was devastated that he couldn’t box competitively anymore, but the end of Tony’s fighting career was the start of a new chapter in the then 27 year old’s life. Now living in LA since January 2012; with the wife they both fell in love with this city straight away, so we decided to apply their green cards and move here.

They loving life in Santa Monica, Tony has set up two dream gyms —Box ’N Burn in Santa Monica and Brentwood—with the top trainer and businessman Kevan Watson. They’ve trained everyone from kids and total beginners to celebrities like Skylar Grey; also worked with the likes of UFC superstar Conor McGregor and legendary boxer Sugar Ray Leonard.

Tony is a fully qualified advanced personal trainer and being in gyms all his life like Kevan and they made sure Box ’N Burn has all the best things from all those other gyms with none of the bad things.

Tony host’s the Box ’N Life podcast, with Glenn “Six Figure” Holmes, trainer to the stars. They discuss anything and everything about boxing and life and have a good laugh doing it. They’ve also had great guests, including self-made billionaire Dan Pena, WBC cruiserweight champ and “Creed” star Tony Bellew and top Hollywood film producer Jason Clark.

Tony Jeffries
Co-Owner & Founder | Box ‘N Burn | California’s #1 Gym

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