What If You Quit Eating Sugar (30 DAYS)


What would happen to your body and mind ​​if you quit eating sugar for just 30 Days​. If you want to stop what might feel like a sugar addiction or you’re simply tired of skin problems &​​ acne…then just 10 to 30 days without sugar can have a lasting effect. ​
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Sugar… It’s considered by many to be the worst thing you can eat especially when it comes to losing weight and maintaining a healthy body. A lot of people claim that sugar is toxic, addictive, and fattening… and that eating too much of it can cause far worse problems like an impaired immune system, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. Even though having sugar in moderation is very unlikely to lead to these more serious issues the problem is that most people over consume sugar and this over consumption is exactly what leads to the weight gain and the other unhealthy side effects. Now the best way to reduce your desire for sugar, so that you can control yourself enough to only have it in moderation, the best way to do that is by staying away from it entirely for a set period of time. So in this video we’re going to go over exactly what you can expect to happen if you quit sugar for just thirty days. We’re gonna touch on everything including what will happen to your energy levels, your skin, your brain, and of course your body. I’ve narrowed down the list to 6 major changes that you can expect to happen so let’s start with the very first one, according to a number of studies, when people quit eating sugar they describe symptoms of withdrawal and they also describe having strong food cravings especially for things like carbohydrates, chocolate, and sugar. These studies also mention that eating any of these things can trigger relapse and binge eating. This is all tied to the effect that sugar has on the brain. You see, the reason why eating sugar feels good is because it activates the pleasure and reward center of your brain and stimulates the release of dopamine. When this happens, the sugar produces a kind of “high” that makes you feel good. While this high is not as intense as when you use a drug, the same mechanisms are at play. Now, if you’ve been stimulating these pathways continuously for years on end and then, all the sudden, quit eating sugar cold-turkey, it could cause intense sugar cravings because your body isn’t used to the absence of sugar. So, in that sense, sugar kind of works like a drug. In fact, studies in rats show that sugar is addictive, just like other drugs are.[7] The researchers found that, under certain circumstances, rats can become dependent on sugar, and that this dependency correlates with several aspects of addiction, like the cycle of having cravings, binging and then having withdrawal symptoms. So, if you plan to quit sugar, keep in mind that you’ll probably be hit by sugar cravings pretty early on. Luckily, these cravings will disappear quickly. It usually takes just three to five days for them to drop down significantly. So, make sure to push through that desire to satisfy your sweet tooth because it will fade with a bit of time. The second thing that you’ll notice when you quit sugar is a massive improvement in mental clarity. This was proven in a recent UCLA study in which researchers concluded that a low sugar intake benefits both memory and learning.[8] This is likely due to the fact that the brain is dependent on sugar as its main source of fuel. Thinking, memory, and learning are all closely linked to glucose levels and how efficiently the brain uses glucose. If there isn’t enough glucose in the brain, communication between neurons breaks down. However, for most healthy people, it’s very rare that there’s a serious shortage of glucose because besides the food you eat, your body also stores glucose in your muscles and liver, and worst case scenario can even convert amino acids into glucose. High blood sugar is a lot more common…


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