5 Shoulder Exercises (KILLING YOUR JOINTS)


These 5 Shoulder Exercises are KILLING Your Joints. Prevent rotator cuff injuries by avoiding these common shoulder training mistakes. Watching this will also help if you want to learn how to fix shoulder pain and popping sounds. Even if you’ve tried some of these 5 harmful exercises that you should never do, it’s not too late to find relief. Some pretty common workout mistakes can cause impingement and prevent you from gaining size and mass

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The shoulder is the most mobile and one of the most complex joints in the human body. Not only do your shoulders flex and extend, but they also adduct, abduct, and they internally and externally rotate. Since they allow movement in all three planes of motion, and almost all upper body movement requires the use of the shoulders, they are arguably the most important joints in our whole body. And we quickly realize this when we have a shoulder injury. Unfortunately an injury to the shoulder joint is an alarmingly common occurrence largely due to the fact that it’s a ball and socket joint that moves in so many different directions. According to the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, more than 1.4 million shoulder surgery’s are performed each year. In one giant review of close to 100 studies researchers concluded that shoulder disorders may be more common for workers with jobs involving overhead work, lifting heavy loads, and repetitive forceful work. But even if you don’t have a physically demanding job you can still very easily wind up with a shoulder injury, and the last place that I’d want to see that happen to you would be at the gym. Which is exactly why I made this video. Due to outdated myths and poor exercise selection shoulder injuries are still incredibly common when working out. So if you have sore shoulder joints, or if you’ve already had shoulder surgery and are now done with rehab, or even if you just want to ensure that you never have to deal with chronic shoulder pain, I highly recommend watching this video, because I’m going to go over the 5 worst exercises for your shoulders that are absolutely killing your joints. You’ll want to follow along through this video because at the end I’ll also give you the number one way to strengthen your shoulder joint to relieve shoulder pain and prevent shoulder injuries from ever happening or ever happening again. Let’s start with the first exercise, a cross fitter favorite, the Kipping Pull-Up. Now the kipping pull-up itself presents a lot of problems even if you perform it correctly. While regular pullups involve using strict form allowing you to effectively target and strengthen the lats, biceps, and the back of the shoulder in a relatively safe way the kipping pullup throws all that out the window. The movement begins by initiating swinging with the shoulders, and then you alternate between arching your back and hollowing it out to generate momentum to get over the bar. With a regular pullup your body stays directly under the bar the whole time, on the other hand when performing a kipping pullup you’ll notice right away that your body moves really far away from the bar. In combination with momentum this takes a lot of the work off the lats and biceps, and puts an excessive amount of stress on the part of the rotator cuff responsible for internal rotation and shoulder stability. This could be okay for someone that spends a lot of time strengthening their shoulder stabilizer muscles, but most people don’t. The momentum helps people that couldn’t otherwise do a regular pullup get their chins over the bar. And these are the exact types of people that are more likely to get an injury during this exercise. A shoulder injury will usually happen either during the explosive swing in the beginning, or during the descent when your muscles have to decelerate your body. A lot of people don’t have the shoulder stability or strength to perform this exercise without risking injury. On top of that many crossfit programs call for excessively high reps. Even if there is actually such a thing as good form during this exercise I doubt you’ll maintain it for very long when you’re doing very high reps. My recommendation is to stick to regular pullups because not only are they safer, but they’re also more effective for building muscle and improving upper body strength. However, if you are thinking about trying this exercise make sure you at the very least have the strength and stability to do regular pullups without momentum. Next we have lateral raises with the thumbs down. This was actually a big mistake that I used to make because I got caught up in the hype that doing lateral raises this way could target the middle head of your shoulder better. The truth is that internally rotating them-

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