REAX – Fitness & Sport Reaction Training – Wireless Interactive Fitness


Training reactivity, reaction ability and response speed to a given sudden impulse will never be the same with Exergame Fitness and REAXing training. This brand new functional training process is dynamic, fun and suitable for all types of conditioning training. Any type of training gets the interactive fitness advantage, improving the reaction capability. Reax Lights is an incredible Wi-Fi based tool. It’s versatile, flexible, wearable, easy-to-use. Training becomes highly self-motivating and any kind of free body exercise results more effective results than ever. It’s equipped with magnets for a quick and easy application. Thanks to the magnets, you can apply the satellites on the walls, on the floor, on the ceiling, on any metallic surfaces, on wall bars or any other functional training structure. The satellites can be controlled through a tablet computer or smart device, which allows the user to select the difficulty levels and the training program he or she wishes to compete in. Perfect for sports training, youth fitness, small groups, sports performance, rehab, and physical therapy.



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