5 Tricks to Help Your ABS GROW!


These 5 tricks will help your ABS GROW BIGGER to make them SHOW & POP. Learn exactly how to get 6 pack abs fast with the best weighted ab exercises & workout for men to get bulky abs. This is a great video for beginners looking to get amazing upper and lower v cut abs. Enjoy!
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After I leaned out for the first time in my life I realized very quickly that following the advice of just dieting would never lead me to having a solid six pack. It was actually the small improvements that I made overtime through training that allowed me to build up my abs and get them to grow to the point where I could clearly see a visible set of abs after stripping away the body fat with a clean diet. While working on my abs over the years I learned some tricks that I’m convinced can help anyone build up their ab muscles faster and more efficiently. Some of these may sound simple, but I promise if you incorporate them into your ab workouts with consistency you’ll see major improvements the next time you lean out. So the first trick i want to talk about is stretching. Now even though stretching won’t directly make your abs grow, it’ll do something else that’ll make it easier for your abs to grow after your workouts. This is because any muscle in your body will have this thin connective tissue that surrounds it known as fascia. This fascia isn’t loose, and instead it’s very tightly wrapped around each of your muscles almost constricting them. A famous bodybuilding scientist named D.J. Millward recognized this & created what’s known as the “the bag expansion theory.” In this theory the fascia surrounding a muscle was considered the bag & by expanding it you would create more room for the muscles to grow. And before that theory ever even came around there were a lot of bodybuilders that were already using fascia stretching techniques to help with muscle growth including Arnold Shwarznegger. Years after this theory started gaining popularity there was a study published in the journal of applied physiology in which progressive stretch overload was used to produce a huge increase in muscle mass over a 28 day period. Even though animals were used for this study rather than people, a 318% increase in muscle mass in 28 days is difficult to ignore. Now the reason why I bring this up is because at the same time that I saw the biggest improvements with my abs shape & size I was incorporating intense stretching into every one of my ab training sessions. In fact it was always a very important part of the workout. To do this correctly you have to understand that the best time to stretch the connective tissue around a muscle is to perform the stretch while you have a pump. The pump itself is created when a large amount of bloodflow travels to the muscle causing a very tight feeling. When your muscle is pumped the fascia is already being stretched just from the muscle being so full of blood so by stretching it further at the same time you’ll get a much more intense stretch. This is why I would always perform 3 20 second reverse cobra stretches after my ab training circuits. So let’s say I was doing a circuit of weighted crunches, v situps, pulse ups, & jackknives. I would do all of these back to back, aiming for 10 reps of each…At the end of each set when I felt that really tight feeling in my abs, I would immediately do a 15 second reverse cobra stretch, then I would take a short 5 to 10 second break & then repeat for a total of 3 stretches. After that I would go back & repeat the ab exercise circuit for another 2 or 3 sets finishing off with the 3 cobra stretches at the end of every circuit. Now If you don’t want to stretch your abs in between your sets, maybe because you don’t want to impact performance you can also just do more stretching sets at the end of your ab workout. Just remember to do it immediately while your muscles are still pumped. Let’s move on to the 2nd thing you can do to help your abs grow, progressively overload your ab workouts. Progressive overload is the number one training stimuli required for muscle growth. If you never challenge your muscles by performing workouts that take you outside of your comfort zone, those muscles are probably not going to grow. This same concept applies to your abs. So without gradually increasing the amount of stress you’re placing on your abs with your workouts you’re just going to be wasting your time. Even though you can achieve progressive overload by performing more reps & sets with each workout, a better way to progressively overload for muscle growth is by concentrating on intensity. One study showed that a high intensity low volume resistance training group far outperformed the high volume moderate intensity resistance training group in terms of strength & muscle gains. This is why I highly recommend that you use weights during your ab workouts.



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