MoveStrong Functional Training Workshop Highlights Westwood Fitness & Sports Center


MoveStrong conducted an In-Service Training for staff and guest of Westwood Fitness & Sports Center. Westwood F&S is part of Sterling Parks District in Sterling, IL.

An introduction to MoveStrong philosophy on functional fitness exercise and hands-on demonstration to prepare staff for launch the Functional Training, Obstacle Course, and Ninja Warrior Training Room at this amazing city parks fitness and sports center!

MoveStrong Equipment to be reviewed includes:
Nova XL Functional Training Station with many MoveStrong functional training tools for NinjaStrong and Obstacle Course Training!

MoveStrong equipment covered included:
NOVA XL Functional Training Station
NEW Triple Warp Wall
MoveStrong Dynabell
Adjustable Parallel Bars
Stall Bars
M3 Bars
GEO Floor Obstacles
Salmon Ladders
Elevate Trainers
Mantis Power Sled
and more!

Learn more about MoveStrong Functional Fitness Equipment at



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