5 Ways To Burn MORE Fat At The Gym


These 5 training methods will help you BURN MORE FAT from every workout. If you want to get more done at the gym in less time and if you want to get rid of that body fat then you’ll love this video. It details the best exercises and workouts for weight loss. Combine these strategies with a solid diet to lose weight and burn that belly fat.

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Don’t you wish that you could see faster results from your workouts? I mean Wouldn’t it be great to burn much more calories without having to spend much more time at the gym. Well luckily there are at least 5 ways that you can burn more fat from every one of your workouts and as long as you’re not bombing with your diet, the methods that I’m about to share with you can really help accelerate your progress. So the first one I want to talk about is something known as EMOM or every minute on the minute and I’m not only going to explain how you do it, but Im also going to give you a full free emom workout that clients normally pay me for at the end of this video, so stick with me. For starters, emom is a form of interval training in which you would perform a given amount of reps within a 1 minute time frame. Then for whatever portion of that one minute time frame that’s left after you’ve completed your required reps that portion would be your break time. And then you would start your next set again on the next minute. A simple example would be to perform 15 reps of push-ups every minute for five rounds. So let’s say it takes you 20 seconds to do your first round of 15 pushups. That means that you have 40 seconds of rest before going for your next set of 15. Let’s say that on your second set it took you a full 30 seconds to perform your 15 push-ups. Now you would only have 30 seconds of rest before moving to your third round. So I’m sure you can already see that as the rounds go on and on it going to get harder and harder and you’re going to be more and more likely to hit failure. Keep in mind that if you’re completing the rounds at the last second and you have no time to take a break, then you need to make adjustments either to your rep range or the amount of weight you’re using. There should always be a couple seconds of rest within each minute-long cycle. Also after completing all five rounds you would take a full 1 to 2 minute break before beginning the next exercise for another 5 rounds in which you would once again go every minute on the minute. Now this kind of a workout can simply be added on to the end of your regular weight training workout as a short 15-minute finisher to help you burn extra calories. Or you can stick to an emom interval training style for your entire workout session. You can also program your emom workouts for whatever your goals are. So if you’re training for endurance you might go with a high rep range like 15 or more reps using light weights. This will leave you with very short breaks at the end of each round. On the other hand if you’re training for strength you may want to only do three reps of a heavyweight for each minute long round. The free emom workout that I’m including is not meant to be a finisher, its meant to replace an entire hour long workout. You can of course just do a small portion of the workout as a short 15 minute finisher instead. But if you’re doing the whole thing it’ll take you an hour and it’s specifically aimed at getting your heart rate up higher to help you burn more calories as well as body fat and i’ll explain that workout to guys in detail in a bit. But it’s also going to combine emom with another very effective training strategy known as cardio acceleration which is actually our second way to get more done in less time at the gym. Cardio acceleration will have you combining weight training exercises with aerobic cardio exercises. The great thing is that you can incorporate it into pretty much any weight training workout that you’re currently doing. You would structure your weight training workout the same as always except instead of taking a two to three minute break between every one of your sets, you would now throw in 30 to 60 seconds of cardio immediatley after completing your set with the weights. And then after the cardio exercise you would then take a break. Now when I say cardio I don’t want to give you the wrong idea. Your 30 to 60 seconds of cardio between your sets doesn’t have to be a traditional form of cardio like running on a treadmill cycling or stair climbing. It can be a cardio machine it can also be something like 30 to 60 seconds of burpees or mountain climbers or squat jumps. Regardless of whether you do a cardio machine or an aerobic exercise you’re going to be able to get a lot…

Study Quoted:
Cardioacceleration immediately before each set of resistance exercises therefore rapidly eliminates DOMS



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