Tennis Fitness Training / Explosiveness/ Speed / Coordination


Training with Nico in an amazing circuit for explosiveness, career technique, coordination and speed. If you are or want to be a high performance athlete or a professional player you must include this type of training at least 3 times a week. Physical preparation is MANDATORY to be able to become an elite athlete. You could have the best techniques, you might be the most talented tennis player, but if you don’t get to the ball first, none of the above will matter. The competition until the age of 14 is one thing and maybe you can win only by putting the ball in and using your talent, but believe me that on 16’s and over everything changes, and if you don’t work and train hard the explosiveness, coordination, speed and reaction on time, then it will be late.
If you ADD all this to your talent, then nobody can tell you how far you can go, you will be ready to be the best athlete you can be #coachdabul #pdtennis #tennis #atp #usopen #miami #tennislife



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