9 BEST Ab Exercises (YOU'VE NEVER DONE!)


These are the top 9 ab exercises that you may have never tried before. They are very unique and effective at helping you develop a strong core and some solid six pack abs. We all know how to do crunches, situps, and leg raises but in this video you’ll definitely pick up a new ab workout trick or two.

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So many of us get into the rut of going to the gym and just repeating the same workout over and over again. And this is especially true when it comes to the ABS. Almost everyone that trains abs has a set little routine where they do a few crunches, a few sit-ups, a few leg raises, maybe finish off with a couple ab machines and then they do the same exact thing the next time around. Not only is this boring but it will also slow down your progress because your body will quickly begin to adapt to whatever workout and exercises you throw at it. And we can use this to our advantage by repeating an ab workout for about 4 to 6 weeks while getting stronger and more efficient at performing the same exercises. But at some point you’ll start to plateau and that’s the perfect time to introduce a new stressor with new exercises that you could Now once again work on improving and mastering for the next couple weeks. That’s why today I want to go over 9 ab exercises that I’m sure a bunch of you have never even done before. Some of you that are a little more advanced may recognize some of these exercises but there will definitely be something new in this video for everyone. Starting with the very first exercise decline barbell boatrows. To begin this exercises you’ll want to sit back on a declined bench with a barbell or a bodybar in your hands. If you have a partner that can hand it off to you it makes it much easier to get settled in, but if not you can just stand it up vertically next to the bench, and then just tip it onto yourself once your feet are locked in and you’re ready. You’ll want to keep your elbows bent and hold the bar either close to your body or your hips. Do not lock your elbows out and turn this into more of shoulder exercise. Instead you’ll want to lean back until your upper body is about even or a little under your knees, and then you’ll want to mimick the arch like rowing motion that you get when paddling in a kayak or a small boat. You can go side to side like this for reps, but I would reccommend to aim for a certain time under tension like 30 to 60 seconds since this exercise has a big isometric component to it. And trust me in that short amount of time you’ll really feel the burn with this one. Even though you’ll primarily be targeting your olbiques here your rectus abominus or the six pack muscle will also be activated to stabilize and hold your upper body in that declined position. Another exercise you might’ve seen online, but never considered trying yourself is the Raised Leg Ab Stack. This one will require you to use the risers that go under the aerobics steps. These risers are available at almost any gym and you can usually find them by the group class areas. Now once you have a couple risers lay down on the ground and position the risers above your head. Also raise your legs up and bend your knees so that your shins are parallel to the floor. Raise your hands above your head, grab a riser, crunch up, and place it on your shins, then keep repeating until all the risers are stacked on top of each other. From there you’ll want to reverse everything you just did, by crunching up and removing one riser at a time from your shins and placing them back behind your head. This exercise is really awesome because it almost incorporates a similar structure to dropsets. As you stack more of the risers on your shins you have to crunch harder to reach higher, but then after you stack all of them and you start removing them one at a time, it becomes easier with each riser taken away. A couple rounds of stacking and unstacking and your abs will be toast. Let’s move on to another one I rarely see people doing – the Trx multiplanar knee tuck. Here you would start by sitting facing the trx with your feet under the trx straps. Cross the trx straps over each other so that your right foot goes in the left strap and your left foot goes in the right strap. Then throw one foot over the other and turn over so that the straps are no longer crossed and you’re on your stomach. From there get into a pushup position and brace your core so that your heels, hips, and head stay in a straight line the whole time. Don’t allow your hips to drop because that could end up causing a back injury, and don’t raise them up too high into a downard dog position. Once you’re in the correct starting position tuck your knees into your chest, but rather than focusing on your knees concentrate on curling your hips into your chest. Then return back to the starting position, and turn your hips over to the side as you tuck your…



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