5 Tricks to Help Your ARMS GROW!


These are 5 amazing ways to get your ARMS to GROW. So if you want to get bigger biceps, triceps, and shoulders fast with some simple exercises then you’ll love this video. It describes the best way to set up a workout for building up your arms.

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Whether you want to get mountain like bicep peaks or you simply want your arms to fill out your t shirts everyone of your arm workouts need to be maximizing three things mechanical tension, metabolic stress, and muscular damage. Research shows us that these are the three key factors that lead to optimal growth for any muscle in your body. And to really simplify things, mechanical tension can be defined as that stretching force that you place your muscles under when you contract them against resistance. (1) Metabolic stress can be associated with that pump or that burning sensation that you get when your muscles become exhausted. And muscular damage is exactly what it sounds like. it’s essentially breaking down muscle fibers so they can repair themselves and come back stronger and bigger. Working on increasing all three will without a shadow of a doubt help you grow your arms faster. So today I want to give you 5 simple tricks that I’ve learned over the years that you can incorporate into your arm workouts to really maximize these three key factors for growth. And the first one is a special kind of superset that’ll allow you to use heavy weight and high reps within one continuous set helping you create a lot of tension and a big pump in the muscles that you’re targeting. To set it up, For your starting set you’ll want to use a heavy weight that you can’t complete more than 8 to 10 reps with. Then right after completing that set without taking a break, you’ll immediately want to move to another exercise that targets that same muscle but you should be using a much lighter weight this time because you’ll be aiming to get 15 to 20 reps on this superset. So to give you an example one of my favorite ways to set this up for biceps is by simply performing close grip ez bar curls for 10 reps with a heavy weight and then immediately switching to a wide grip with a lighter weight for 20 reps. Another example for biceps would be to do close grip barbell curls with a heavy weight for 10 reps and then switch over to wide grip ez bar preacher curls with a lighter weight for 20 reps. For triceps a good example would be to start with skull crushers for your heavy 10 reps and then switch to tricep rope pushdowns for 20 reps. Within this same framework of doing back to back sets for more reps you can also do dropsets instead of supersets. With dropsets you would start an exercise like barbell bicep curls with the bar loaded up with let’s say 3 10 pound plates on each side. You would then aim to squeeze out 10 reps on your first set, and then immediately drop a 10 pound plate off of each side before performing another set without a break. You can also drop another ten off of each side after your second set for a triple dropset. Now if you’ve never tried doing dropsets or supersets like this before you’re going to be absolutely blown away at just how much tension and how much of a pump you’ll feel in your arms. So I recommend that you save this for later on in the workout because your arms will be exhausted afterwards. Now the second tip that I want to go over which should’ve really been the first is to work on getting your arms stronger in general… and one of the best ways to get stronger is to progressively use heavier weight for your arm exercises. If you continuously use the same weight load, you will initially get results, but you’ll quickly plateau because your body will adapt to that weight load. Increasing the amount of weight that your lifting directly increases mechanical tension. it’ll also usually cause more metabolic stress as long as you’re not taking crazy long breaks, and it’ll definitely lead to more muscular damage. Now one simple way that you can get stronger faster is by sticking within an upper and lower limit to your rep range. So let’s say I set that to 8 to 10 reps. Once you can lift a certain amount of weight on an exercise like barbell bicep curls for 10 reps that means that’ve you’ve reached the upper limit and it’s time to increase the weight. If you were to up that weight by 2.5 pounds on each side and you were still able to get 9 reps that means you can increase it even further. So if you increase it by 5 pounds on each side and you notice that you can barely squeeze out 8 reps then that’s perfect. Now your new goal is to work overtime on increasing back..



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