9 Exercises to Get PERFECT V-Cut ABS


9 of the best V-Cut Ab exercises to help develop your obliques so you can see those v lines pop out. There is a full Six Pack Abs Workout INCLUDED. Learn how to get a v cut outline. This video is great for men that want to work on developing their core as well as that v – taper appearance. Many of the exercises can be done at the gym or at home.

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If you want to get that attractive V cut outline also known as the adonis belt not only do you want to make sure that you’re eating right but you also want to incorporate the best exercises that will help you develop the muscles that create that V cut appearance around your lower abs. And many people make the mistake of assuming that its all about just training one muscle… your abs. But in reality, your abs are made up of multiple muscle groups.. multiple muscle groups. First, you have the outer layer 6-pack looking muscle known as the rectus abdominis. even though the rectus abdominis is part of your lower abs the internal and the external obliques that run diagonally across your midsection are far more responsible for that V cut the outline, in fact, the adonis belt is mostly created by your obliques. And then underneath all of that you also have the transverse abdominis and not only is your transverse abdominis responsible for pulling your stomach inward giving you that flat stomach look but it’ll also help the external ab muscles pop out more. So right now the exercises that I’m about to show you will help you target all of those muscles especially the obliques. And for the first exercise, you’re going to do hanging oblique knee raises. For this one, you’re simply going to hang off of a pull-up bar with your legs straight down for your starting position. Then you’re going to raise your knees up and turn them towards one side. You almost want to imagine that you’re trying to touch your Pec with your opposite knee. Then lower your legs back down and repeat on the other side alternating back and forth for reps. When you do this exercise make sure that you’re not just raising your legs up and down because that’ll only work your hip flexors. Instead of every rep, you want to focus on crunching your hips up towards your chest and focus on squeezing those obliques. Another great exercise for that V cut that you can do anywhere is oblique Jack knives. So you would start seated with your butt on the ground, your legs straight in front of you, raised slightly above the ground, and your hands slightly behind you for support. From here you want to bring your knees in towards your chest however unlike regular Jack knives you’re going to twist your knees to one side and squeeze. Then simultaneously extend your legs back out in front of you as you lower your upper body towards the ground and after that, you’ll repeat the same movement on the other side. Keep in mind unless you’re holding a weight between your feet you will want to shoot for a higher rep range for these exercises and ill be going over exact sets and reps for all of these at the end so don’t worry. For now, let’s move on to our third exercise which is the oblique Pulse up. You’ll start by laying down on the ground preferably with something sturdy above your head that you can grab for support. If you don’t have anything sturdy to hold on to you can also put your hands under your butt to take the pressure off your lower back. Regardless you’re going to raise your legs up until they’re pointed straight up towards the ceiling and from there you’ll flex your abs and drive your hips towards the ceiling while turning them towards one side. Then lower your legs back down and repeat on the other side. Next up we have an unconventional exercise that I have shown before that’s amazing at hitting your obliques. The landmine Russian twists. To perform this exercise you’ll first insert a barbell into a landmine or pin it against the corner of two concrete walls. then you’ll sit next to the barbell and raise it straight up towards the cieling. You’ll also slightly elevate your feet off the ground as well to get into the starting position. Make sure that the end of the barbell ends up being over your upper abs almost in line with your sternum.  if it’s too high over your shoulders then you’ll have to slide back and if it’s too low down at your knees you’ll want to slide forward. Once you’re in the position you’re going to rotate the bar side to side in the same way that you would if you were doing Russian Twists with a medicine ball. Now a lot of people might think that Russian twists target more of the upper obliques rather than



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