9 BEST Exercises for an Attractive Lower Chest


Discover the 9 Best Lower Chest Exercises that will help you build that Attractive Lower Pec outline. There is a full chest workout included and even some exercises you can do at home. Find out how to train your lower chest to help make it look broader and perfectly defined.

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What we all refer to as the chest is mostly made up of the pectoralis major which is a large exterior muscle that covers up the front part of our top 6 ribs and connects from our sternum, our collar bone, our ribs, and our external obliques across over to our upper arm and it sits on top of the smaller pectoralis minor. The pectoralis major also has two heads dividing it into upper and lower portions. Now on top that the muscle fibers don’t all run in the same exact Direction some of them run more at an upward angle which is commonly referred to as the upper chest, others run straight across, or the mid-chest and finally some run at a lower angle or the lower chest. And today I want to give you guys the 9 best exercises that you can perform to Target this lower portion of your chest to help create that attractive lower chest outline. And the first exercise that you’ll hear most people recommend for your lower chest is the decline bench press. But even though this is a great exercise to mix into your workouts to focus specifically on those lower fibers when compared to the flat bench press… on the decline press you will most likely have a shorter range of motion, you’ll take tension away from the upper portion of your chest and you’ll shift some of that tension over to your triceps and your lats. On top of that since you now know that the middle and lower part of your chest is actually part of the same muscle head it may come as no surprise that one of the best exercises to target the lower chest is the flat bench press. The flat bench press is such a great exercise that some studies show that it is all you need to build a bigger chest and simply working on increasing the weight that you lift on the bench press over time is enough to build up your entire chest including that lower portion. To set up the flat bench press you’ll lay down on a bench with your eyes directly under the bar. Before beginning, you’ll want to retract your shoulder blades and pack them nice and tight together. You can grab the barbell at a closer or wider grip but a good place to start is about thumbs distance from where the knurling starts. From there you’ll lift the barbell, bring it over your chest and lower down aiming for your nipple line while keeping your elbows somewhere between a 45 and 75-degree angle from your body making sure not to flare the elbows too far out. Also, make sure your feet are planted into the ground and that your driving through your legs as you press since this will allow you to lift more weight. Another thing you’ll want to do is maintain an arch in your back just make sure that your hips don’t rise up off the bench as this can lead to a lower back injury. After lowering the barbell press back up and repeat for reps. (1) I recommend saving the decline bench press as a secondary exercise if you want to Incorporate it later in your workout after performing the regular flat bench press. With this one you would follow very similar cues, except obviously your feet would be off the floor and you would now also be aiming a little lower under your nipple line when bringing the barbell down. For the next lower chest exercise we have an isolation movement… the pec deck fly. Now normally I prefer using dumbbells and barbells over machines but by using the pec deck fly you’re able to really isolate your chest in a unique way. Unlike regular flyes, with dumbbells, your biceps and forearms won’t be involved as much in the movement since your arms will be bent and you’ll be able to apply pressure directly through your elbows. This may be why a study sponsored by the American Council on Exercise showed that chest activation on the pec deck fly machine was very close to the flat bench press itself. (2) To perform the exercise you’ll first want to adjust the seat to the right height so that your upper arms are about parallel with the floor when you grab the handles. Then sit straight up with your shoulder blades pulled back together and arch your back to help Target more of those lower chest muscle fibers. Then you’re simply going to bring both arms inward toward the center of your body and then bring them back out until you feel a nice stretch in your chest. From there you would just repeat for reps…



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