5 Simple Steps to Reduce Belly Fat (PERMANENTLY!)


These are 5 simple methods to lose weight & reduce belly fat faster and easier without the grind typically associated with dieting. This is a natural & healthy alternative for men to quickly lose stubborn belly fat and not gain it back. What if making some easy changes could help you lose that gut for good.

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If you’re imposing massive restrictions on your diet and avoiding all your favorite foods just to lose some weight chances are you’re probably not going to stick to that plan for very long. And after over 12 years of working hands-on with people looking lose weight both at my gyms in New Jersey and online I’ve found that the fastest way for people to lose weight is to take simple steps that are actually sustainable. And the slowest way to lose weight is by going through the yo-yo dieting cycle where you lose weight and then you regain it… over and over again. And when people go through that cycle it truly doesn’t matter how fast you originally lost the weight, becauseย even if you lose 30 pounds in a month with a restrictive no-carb diet, but you regain all of it the next month…well at the end of month 2 you basically lost nothing. So the 5 simple methods that I’m about to go over are not going to be magical quick fixes or revolutionary breakthroughsย in fat loss science by any means, but what I can tell you from experience that comes from actually working with real people, is if you implement these simple changes you will lose weight faster, and it won’t be as much of a day to day grind to do so, which will allow you to actually keep the weight off. So step number one is to not be overly restrictive with your diet, or at least not for too long. Now, why is this so important why is this the very first step. Well, your mind is one of the hardest things to control. It’s true that Following a restrictive plan can be beneficial in the beginning to break some bad eating habits, reduce cravings for things like sugar, and to just see some quick results so that you feel motivated to want to keep going. However, this is so important guys if you don’t switch away from that restrictive mindset you’re literally setting yourself up for a binge. If you love pastries and ice cream and chips and pasta and you tell yourself, “that’s it I’m never eating any of these things again,” all you’ll be able to think about are those very things that your restricting and you’ll be thinking about them ten times more than ever before.. this is just how the mind works. When we tell ourselves that we’re not allowed to do something that we really want, it becomes a battle, and I’m not saying that you can’t win this battle for some time but if you try this restrictive approach for too long you’re going to have at least one bad day and you’re going to binge, and by the time you get that binge under control, your going to be back to square one. I’ve seen this over and over again. So for most people that aren’t getting ready for a competition, four to six weeks is really the maximum amount of time that you want to be restrictive for. And really you don’t even have to be restrictive, you don’t have to count every last one of your calories and you don’t have to go to bed dying of hunger every night. So how does that work how do you lose weight without the typical restrictive route?… Well this is where Step 2 comes in and again guys this is very important…. always satisfy your hunger before satisfying your cravings. When you get hungry your mind will immediately wander off to thinking about foods that are very calorically dense and easily accessible like donuts, ice cream, and potato chips. When food has a high caloric density it just means that it has a lot of calories for its size or in other words for the amount of space that it’ll ultimately take up in your stomach.ย For example, 1 Cup of spinach only has 7 calories meanwhile one cup of M&M’s has over a thousand calories. And which one do you think you’re more likely to crave when you get hungry? This is why crash diets that don’t routinely satisfy you’re hungry usually end in a giant binge session that includes tons of sweet and fattening processed foods.ย Based on how we evolved it makes sense that we’re wired to crave foods that are high in sugar and fat because those foods provide a quick large amount of calories all in a compact size. and before we had supermarkets, modern agriculture, and refrigerators, it was actually important to take in enough calories to refill your fat stores because there was no guarantee of easy access to food at all times…



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