9 BEST Exercises For THICKER 3D Shoulders!


These 9 Amazing Exercises will help you build THICKER, ROUNDER, and FULLER 3D Shoulders. Included is a full shoulder workout plan designed to effectively target the mid and posterior deltoid heads to even out your shoulder muscle. By following these step by step instructions consistently you’ll have capped shoulders in no time.ย 

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To build up the shoulders in a way that gives them that thick 3D cap-like appearance you need to know that your shoulder has three distinct muscle heads. One in the front which is known as the anterior deltoid, one in the middle known as the mid or lateral deltoid, and one in the back which is called the rear or posterior deltoid. You also have your rotator cuff muscles that sit underneath those external shoulder muscles but the front middle and back shoulder heads are the ones that are most visible when looking at your shoulder in the mirror. And if you want to have full, muscular looking shoulders it’s very important to develop all three heads. But the problem is that for most people their front head is overdeveloped because of its used way more than the mid and rear head during compound exercises like the bench press and shoulder press. Also, the mid head is typically still used and developed more than the rear head which gets the least attention and development of all. This is unfortunate because the mid and especially the rear head is extremely important to work if you want to get that 3d shoulder appearance. And it doesn’t helpย that there’s a common myth suggesting that all you need to do to develop fully rounded shoulders are overhead pressing exercises like seated and standing military presses with barbells and dumbbells, because according to research these exercises primarily Target the Front head of the shoulder, as well as some of the mid head but they mostly leave the rear deltoid completely out, further emphasizing the imbalance between front middle and back. (1) So today I want to go over some of the top exercises that you can do for overall bigger thicker 3D shoulders and to accomplish that I want to specifically focus on the rear and lateral heads. Starting first with one of the top compound exercises for the rear head according to research from the American council on exercise…the 45-degree incline row. (2) for this one, you’ll want to start lying face down on a bench with the bench at an incline angle similar to the angle that you would set up for an incline press. Even though you can perform this exercise with a barbell a lot of benches will get in the way of the bar path and won’t allow a full range of motion. So I suggest that you use dumbbells and for your starting position you’ll want to hold those dumbbells straight down. A lot of people make the mistake of keeping their shoulders tense and holding the weight at a forward angle, instead, just let the dumbbells hang straight down. Then row both dumbbells back by concentrating on pulling your elbows straight up toward the ceiling.ย Then return the weight back downย the starting hanging position and repeat for reps.ย To target more of the back of your shoulders I recommend rowing higher than usual by flaring your elbows out to your sides and by having your hands rotated inward in a pronated position instead of a neutral position like you would normally do for regular dumbbell rows. But just like regular rows when your rowing up It’s very important that you think about pulling with your elbows and not your hands to Target more of the back of your shoulders instead of your biceps.

Next up is another great exercise for the back of your shoulder high cable reverse flys. This is a little different from regular reverse flyes on the cable machine because you’ll be pulling the cables down rather than straight back targeting a slightly different part of the back of your shoulder that most exercises don’t Target. To set this one up you’ll raise the pulleys all the way up on each side. Then remove any attachments on the cables and instead grab each cable by the ball above the Carabiner. You’re going to Cross Your Arms over so with your right arm you’re going to grab the left cable and with your left arm, you’ll grab the right cable. Then take a few steps back to eliminateย any slack and stand with your feet even with each other. Then from that top position with one arm over the other you going to extend the cables to your down to your sides, so diagonally until both arms are about at hip level. Then return back to the starting position with one arm crossed over the other above eye level.



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