9 BEST Exercises for WIDER TRICEPS!


These are the 9 BEST exercises to build bigger & wider triceps. If you’re looking to learn how to build big arms then your triceps are one of the first muscles to start with. This video will show you how to set up the perfect tricep workout for developing mass, size, and shape fast.

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Your tricep muscle is made up of 3 different heads. First you have the long head which is the part of the tricep located on the inside of your upper arm. Then on the outside of your arm, you have the lateral head which for most people is the most visible and recognizable portion of the tricep, especially when looking from a side or a front angle. And finally underneath those two heads, we have the medial head which for the most part is covered up by the long and lateral tricep heads, but it does pop out on the inside of the arm closer to the elbow which allows it to contribute to your tricep width. All three heads combined are estimated to makeup anywhere from 60 to 75 percent of your overall arms size so if you want to develop bigger and wider arms, it’s very important that you work all three tricep heads correctly and effectively. So today I want to give you 9 of the best tricep exercises starting first with one of the most effective compound exercises that targets primarily the lateral and medial tricep heads, the close-grip bench press.

Our triceps are highly involved even with a regular bench press but for the close-grip bench press there are a couple differences that help Target your tricep to a much greater degree. First you want to lay on a flat bench under a barbell and grab it with a closer grip where your hands are about shoulder width apart. While you can go a little closer dont take too close of a grip because If you do, you’re going to strain wrists on every rep as you bring the bar down. Before unracking the bar make sure your feet are planted into the ground, your shoulder blades should be pulled back together, and you should maintain an arch in your spine. Then unrack the bar, bring it over your chest and lower the barbell down. Unlike the regular bench press we want to aim to bring the bar a little lower than our nipple line right around where our sternum ends or where your upper abs meet the lower part of your chest. On your way down your elbows should be nice and tight to your body. Do not flare your elbows out because that’ll put unwanted tension on your shoulders and wrists and itll put you in a weak positon. Stop the barbell about an inch or two above your chest before pressing the barbell back up to keep constant tension on your triceps throughout the exercise. Then repeat for reps. Since this is a compound exercise you can lift some pretty heavy weight which is great for muscle growth, so don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and go heavy on this one.

Another great compound exercise for the triceps is the dip. Dips on parallel bars will primarily work the lateral head of your tricep. They’ll also hit the long head pretty effectively and the medial head as well at the top of the contraction before lockout. To begin you would grab the two parallel bars, then you would hop up and lock your elbows out so that your hovering over the parallel bars. Now from here you can perform dips two different ways one of which will Target more of the chest while the other will Target more of the triceps. If we were trying to Target more of the chest during a dip we would want to lean forward however since we’re trying to Target the triceps you want to concentrate on keeping your body as vertical as possible and your chest up throughout the entire dip. With that in mind lower yourself down until your shoulders are about parallel with your elbows or just a little lower than your elbows. Then press back up by extending your elbows until your arms are fully locked out and you’re back to that starting position. From there just repeat for reps. When doing dips make sure that you’re not flaring your elbows out. Instead, they should be tight to your sides and your wrists should be straight throughout the entire exercise.

For the next one we have an excellent isolation exercise that really helps Target that long inner tricep head, as well as the medial head, it’s called the French curl also known as the tricep overhead extension. And we can do this with an EZ bar or we can use a dumbbell both can work but today I’ll be using a dumbbell. To begin you’ll first want to take a seat on a bench with a heavy dumbbell resting over one of your knees. Once you get stronger and you’re lifting a heavier weight load…



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