5 Common Workout Mistakes (DESTROYING YOUR BODY)


These are 5 common workout mistakes that almost all beginners make. The 5 mistakes discussed will be targeted towards gym exercises that people do wrong as well as at-home exercises. Make sure you learn proper form and correct these key exercise mistakes.

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Some of the best exercises out there can wind up either causing a serious injury or simply wasting your time if they’re performed incorrectly. And the majority of the most common mistakes that many people make can easily be fixed just by knowing what not to do, and what to look out for. So that’s exactly why I want to go over 9 key exercises that most people perform incorrectly and by learning these mistakes you’ll be able to see faster more consistent and reliable progress without having to get a bunch of injuries along the way.Β 
And first I want to start with is the overhead shoulder press or military press. It doesn’t matter whether they’re done with a barbell or with dumbbells because you can be making these mistakes with both and you can also be making them regardless of whether you’re doing it standing or seated. And the first mistake that most beginners make is pressing the bar or the dumbbells in front of their body instead of directly over their heads. This puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on their lower back and their shoulders and it’ll also make you have to lift a much lighter weight than what you actually could if you were doing it correctly. so concentrate on pressing the weight up in a straight line over your shoulders. To accomplish this if you’re using a barbell you will have to shift your head and Chin back as the barbell passes around it both when coming down and when going back up. Another very dangerous mistake with this exercise is arching your back too much. This can cause back pain as well as a pretty serious lower back injury. Usually, this mistake stems from either a weak core that isn’t strong enough to prevent your lower back from hyperextending. This can be fixed by working on your core with abΒ specific exercises, specifically training your core with weights can really help improve your cores strength over time.. But if you don’t have a weak core another common cause for this could be poor shoulder Mobility. So a great drill to fix poor shoulder Mobility is to use a broomstick to warm up before every one of your shoulder training days. You would do this by grabbing the broomstick with a wide grip in front of your body and then passing it around your head and behind your back with your arms straight, and then returning back in front of your body. Performing a couple sets of this especially directly before hitting your shoulders can really help prevent you from excessively arching your back, and this issue will get better and better as your shoulders develop more flexibility over time. of course, on top of this, it’s helpful to stretch your chest and your lats out at the end of your upper body workouts with stretches like the doorway stretch and the lat stretch on a bench. Now, If you’re performing your shoulder presses seated another common mistake is sliding too far forward on the seat. Not only does this lead to excessive arcing of the spine but it also turns your shoulder press into more of a very high incline press. Instead, make sure that your hips are slid all the way back to ensure that you’re doing seated presses correctly. The last mistake that i want to address if you’re doing it standing is driving with your legs and turning military presses into a push press. Now while push presses can be a very effective exercise they’re designed as a full body exercise that incorporates your legs as well as some momentum, while military presses are more so designed to target only your shoulders as well as your triceps. So if you’re doing military presses make sure that you’re not incorporating your legs into the movement to help with pushing the weight up…
Next, let’s move on to another key exercise that many people make mistakes with and that’s the pull up. With pull-ups, one of the most common mistakes is simply having a poor range of motion.Β  this can happen one of two ways either you hop up and perform Pull-Ups with only half reps by not going all the way down until your elbows are fully extended or you perform half reps by not coming all the way up until your chin gets over the bar. Going either halfway down or halfway up ends up making the exercise significantly less effective and is usually due to the fact that you’re not strong enough to pull your body weight up without any assistance just yet



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